Hosting for 1C-Bitrix

1C-Bitrix Hosting Host your 1C-Bitrix projects with confidence on our certified hosting platform in Kazakhstan. Our team of qualified specialists provides full support for the 1C-Bitrix framework.

For hosting websites on the "1C-Bitrix" platform, we recommend using a Virtual Private Server (VPS). This type of hosting will precisely meet the product's technical requirements. On all of our pricing plans, your website will run fast and reliably.

1C-Bitrix Hosting

Host your 1C-Bitrix project on the following technical solutions:

Virtual Hosting for 1C-Bitrix
We do not recommend hosting websites on the 1C-Bitrix platform on shared hosting. It is essential to use only a Virtual Private Server (VPS) service for hosting websites on 1C-Bitrix. For online stores or websites with demanding database interactions, we recommend using VPS plans with NVMe disks.
We guarantee dedicated resources for your virtual machine. VPS for 1C-Bitrix is best suited for e-commerce websites and sites on 1C-Bitrix CMS.

"1C-Bitrix: Website Management" Software

1C-Bitrix Start
"1C-Bitrix: Website Management" Software.
Start License
30,000 tenge
1C-Bitrix Standard
"1C-Bitrix: Website Management" Software.
Standard License
86,000 tenge
1C-Bitrix Small business
"1C-Bitrix: Website Management" Software.
Small Business License
198,000 tenge
1C-Bitrix Business
"1C-Bitrix: Website Management" Software.
Business License
404,000 tenge

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All hosting plans include:

• Unmetered traffic;
• High access speeds (up to 1000 Mbps) in range of Kazakhstan Internet;
• SSD drives only;

Data center address is Makataeva st., 117,
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Technical Maintenance:

You can choose paid maintenance for your 1C-Bitrix website. The website's technical support will be provided by certified 1C-Bitrix programmers, along with hosting system administrators.

Our web studio has in-house company system administrators to ensure round-the-clock website monitoring and acceptable incident response time.

We can offer several website maintenance options, which you can view on the website maintenance description page.

1C-Bitrix Hosting

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