Setting up PHP modules and PHP parameters in BitrixVM

Explanation of managing PHP parameters and modules on the BitrixVM server.

Configuring PHP Parameters

Configuring PHP parameters in BitrixVM is done similarly to the configuration in the CentOS operating system.

Installing PHP Modules

Many libraries are installed in Bitrix 7 by default, but they are deactivated.

You can view the list of libraries in the directory /etc/php.d:

ls /etc/php.d

This directory contains files of two types: module_name.ini (an empty file) and module_name.ini.disabled, which contains the directive for module inclusion.

To enable a specific module, execute the following command:

mv module_name.ini.disabled module_name.ini

For example:

mv 20-curl.ini.disabled 20-curl.ini

As a result, the module_name.ini file will be overwritten with the contents of the module_name.ini.disabled file, and now the necessary directive will be included in the configuration file with the .ini extension.

After that, restart Apache:

systemctl restart httpd

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