Reasons for Domain Suspension in .kz Zone

As of October 16th, changes regarding domain names in the kz zone will take effect. Domain owners and their associated websites must now comply with two conditions.

Condition 1: Protection of virtual property with SSL certificates Websites must be secured using free or paid SSL certificates. Let's Encrypt can be used as a free option. Paid certificates are purchased from vendors, but transactions should only be made with trusted sellers.

If you are using our company's shared virtual hosting, you will have access to a free SSL installation. The step-by-step instructions are provided in our guide.

For VPS rentals, both paid and free SSL certificates can be installed. If you purchase a certificate from us, we will provide assistance in its installation on the hosting. For free Let's Encrypt certificates, there are semi-automatic and automatic installation modes available in the personal account.

Improved for SEO: Reasons for Domain Suspension in .kz Zone: SSL Certificates Required

Effective October 16th, changes to domain names in the kz zone require domain owners and their associated websites to comply with new regulations. One of these regulations includes the requirement for SSL certificates to protect virtual property.

Free or paid SSL certificates are necessary to secure websites, with Let's Encrypt as a free option. Trusted sellers should be used when purchasing paid certificates. Our company provides free SSL installation for shared virtual hosting and assistance for certificate installation on VPS rentals when purchased through us. Free Let's Encrypt certificates are available with semi-automatic and automatic installation modes in personal accounts.

Requirement 2: Hosting in the Territory of Kazakhstan The website must be hosted on a server located in Kazakhstan. If your web platform is hosted on a foreign server, please contact us and we will transfer the internet resource to our hosting while preserving all of its materials and structure.

Additional Requirements In addition to the aforementioned updates, previously approved rules must be followed by website owners. Let's take a closer look at them:

Prohibition of using outdated or fictional information about the domain owner. You must provide accurate information about your name, phone number, address, and organization name. The owner's information can be viewed in the whois section. To do this, enter the domain name in the appropriate field. If the displayed data is far from reality, update it in your personal account. Responsibility for virus files and cyber attacks. Many websites are regularly subjected to attacks, with attackers often using bot programs to exploit vulnerabilities and inject malicious code into the platform. With weak server protection, outsiders can even gain complete control over the internet resource, create phishing pages, and send viruses and spam. Our company's shared hosting comes with built-in antivirus software, which can scan the platform for viruses and remove third-party add-ons. If you are using VPS, please seek help from our support team. Our specialists will identify and eliminate malicious codes. Assistance in incident resolution from KZ-CERT. In Kazakhstan, there is a special service for addressing computer incidents. It collects and analyzes data on internet issues and helps prevent cyber threats in the kz zone. The staff of this service notifies us of any suspicious activity on our hosting and virtual servers, as well as warns us of attacks. If the client has not resolved the issue before a signal is received from KZ-CERT, we inform them of the situation. Our specialists advise website owners and virtual server tenants, helping them take measures to address the problem. Strict compliance with court decisions. Using a website for unlawful activities is not always related to external attacks. Some domain owners engage in illegal activities using the internet. In such cases, a court decision may come into effect. If this happens with our network, we will act in accordance with the decision of the courts of Kazakhstan. After all, our company registers domain names and fulfills hosting provider obligations only in compliance with the law.

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