Using the Cron Task Scheduler in ISPConfig

To manage the schedule for executing Cron jobs, use the Sites -> Cron Jobs section. To add a new task, navigate to the mentioned section and click on Add new Cron job.


After that, fill out the provided form.


  • In the Parent website field, specify the website for which the task will be executed.
  • Then, configure the task's schedule.

The format for configuration (for example, for minutes) is as follows: * — every minute; */n — every n minutes; n — at the beginning of the n-th minute; a, b, c — at the specified minutes.

A similar format is used for other parameters: hours, days of the month, etc. Minutes are specified from 0 to 59, hours from 0 to 23, days of the month from 1 to 31, months from 1 to 12, and days of the week from 0 (Sunday) to 6 (Saturday).

In the screenshot above, the task's frequency is set to every 5 minutes.

  • In the Command to run field, specify the path to the program that needs to be executed on a schedule. You can specify a URL or the path to a script that should be executed. If you are specifying the path to a PHP script, you also need to specify the path to the interpreter. For example:
/usr/bin/php7.0 /var/www/clients/client1/web1/web/script.php

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