Setting Up Personal DNS Servers in ISPmanager

Setting Up Your Own DNS Servers in ISPmanager:

  1. Make sure you have ISPmanager control panel installed.
  2. Additionally, you need to have an ordered additional IPv4 address.

The procedure for configuring your own DNS servers is as follows:

  1. Log in to the ISPManager control panel as the root user. If you're not sure how to access ISPmanager on your VPS, follow the corresponding instructions.
  2. Go to the "DNS Management" section and select the "Default Settings" option:


  1. In the new window, in the "Name Servers" field, enter two DNS servers: "" and "," where "" is your domain. Specify the "Administrator's Email" and enter the "IP addresses of the name servers" (primary and secondary IP addresses of the server):


Save the changes by clicking "Ok".

  1. If you don't have a user created on the server, create one:

User Creation Procedure

Go to the "Users" section and select "Create User":


Set the username and password, then click "Next" to complete the user creation process:


To finish the user creation process, click "Finish":


If you've already added a user to the server, go to the "Sites" section and choose "Create Site":


Enter the domain name, select the site owner, and click "Ok":


  1. Proceed to the "DNS Management" section, click on the added domain, and select "Manage DNS Records":


Pay attention to two records, "" and "," and their values (IP addresses):


You'll need to add these records for your main domain as DNS servers.

  1. Now, all that's left is to specify the DNS servers for your main domain "" with your Domain Registrar.

For DNS, you should specify "" and "" Also, you'll need to provide the IP addresses (the ones mentioned in the previous step). This only needs to be done once for the main domain. For other domains, you can simply specify the DNS servers themselves.

That's it! The process of setting up your own DNS servers is now complete.



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