Setting up redirects in ISPmanager

In the ISPmanager console, you can configure various types of redirects for your website.

Redirect to HTTPS

To enable automatic redirection to HTTPS, go to the "Sites" section. Double-click on the site you want to configure or select it and click "Edit."


In the "Additional Settings" section, find the option "Redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS" and activate it. Please note that this option is only available if you have an installed SSL certificate.


Other Redirects

You can also configure other types of redirects, such as redirecting from one page to another. To do this, go to the "Sites" section, select the desired domain, and click on the three dots to open additional options. Then select "Configure Redirects."


Click "Create" and specify the parameters for the redirect:


  • Code — select the type of redirection (in most cases, it is recommended to use 301 for proper browser handling).
  • Path — specify the file or path to which the server should redirect the request. The path to the file or directory should start with / and be relative to the "www" directory in the user's home folder.
  • URL — set the URL to which the redirection will occur. The URL can be internal (on the same domain) and start with /, or external, in which case it starts with http://, https://, etc.

For example, to redirect from to, use code 301, path /, and URL

Complex redirects can be configured using the .htaccess file.

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