Transition to ISPmanager 6: Smooth Upgrade of Your System

Starting from June 15, 2021, the sale and renewal of licenses for ISPmanager 5 will be discontinued. As of January 1, 2022, support for the fifth version of this control panel will be terminated.

To retain access to the full capabilities of ISPmanager, it is recommended to transition to a newer version — ISPmanager 6.

To do so, you should obtain a license for version 6, selecting the appropriate edition, and perform an upgrade of your panel to the new version.

Step 1. Obtaining ISPmanager 6 License

The licensing process in ISPmanager 6 has some differences compared to the previous version. Now, the choice of edition and license cost depends on the number of domains you plan to host.

Available editions of ISPmanager:

License Name

Number of Domains (Websites)

Monthly Cost

ISPmanager 6 Lite


from 3,260 KZT/month

ISPmanager 6 Pro


from 3,260 KZT/month

ISPmanager 6 Host


from 9,800 KZT/month

ISPmanager 6 Business


from 13,100 KZT/month

You can order licenses in the control panel under the "Licenses" section.

Step 2. Upgrading ISP Control Panel

Update your ISPmanager control panel by navigating to "Help" → "About the Program".

If your current version of the control panel is below 5.295, perform the update twice: first to the latest available version of ISPmanager 5, and then to ISPmanager 6.

To ensure that you always have the latest version of the panel and its components, it is recommended to set up automatic updates for ISP.

If you need additional information or assistance during the migration process to version 6, create a support ticket from the control panel or contact us at

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