Setting up hosting for your website in the Plesk panel

For additional familiarity with the interface and functionality of the panel, you can access the demo version on the Plesk website.

To access the control panel, go to: https://server_IP:8443.

Domain Configuration

  1. On the side of the NS server holder of your domain, specify the IP address of your server as an A record for the domain.
  2. Add your domain in Plesk. To do this, go to the "Websites & Domains" section and select "Add Domain." Enter the domain in the corresponding field and create a user who will manage the site.

You can also enable SSL support to request a free Let's Encrypt certificate for your domain.

Database Configuration

  1. Create a database in Plesk. Go to the "Databases" section and select "Add Database."

Fill in the necessary information (database name, username, and password). In the "Related site" section, select the added domain and confirm the settings.

  1. Afterward, you can upload the database dump to the server. This can be done directly through the Plesk interface by selecting "Import Dump" or by using phpMyAdmin, which is available through the same page.
  2. Don't forget to update your site's configuration file by setting the correct database name, username, and password in it.

Uploading Site Files

To host your site's files on the server, you have two options:

  • Using the Plesk Interface

Archive the site folder on your computer in .zip format.

Then, in the Plesk panel, go to the "Files" section, open the httpdocs folder, select "Upload," and upload the archive containing your files. After the upload, click on the archive and press "OK" to unpack it.

  • Using FTP / SFTP

First, establish a connection to the server via SFTP, for example, using the FileZilla client, and then copy the necessary files to the /var/www/vhosts/domain_name/httpdocs directory.

For a successful connection, specify the following parameters:

  • Host: IP address of your server.
  • Username: The username created when adding the domain.
  • Password: User's password.
  • Port: 22

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