Subdomain Protection. SSL Certificate with Subdomain Support

A standard SSL/TLS security certificate installed on the server serves a dual purpose: providing a secure channel for communication and authenticating the domain that was specified during issuance (e.g., ONEHOST.KZ) and its subdomain "WWWW" (WWW.ONEHOST.KZ). If there is a need to secure other subdomains (e.g., SUPPORT.ONEHOST.KZ, BLOG.ONEHOST.KZ), a security certificate with subdomain support option should be selected before ordering.

If a SSL security certificate with subdomain support option was issued with the domain ONEHOST.KZ, it guarantees the protection of all subdomains of the form *.ONEHOST.KZ:


However, the protection does not extend to fourth-level subdomains of the same domain, for example:


If a SSL security certificate with subdomain support option was issued with the subdomain SHOP.ONEHOST.KZ, the protection will extend to all its subdomains, for example:


However, the protection will no longer extend to fifth-level domains, for example: EXAMPLE.INFO.SHOP.ONEHOST.KZ.

If you have multiple subdomains that need to be secured at the same level, it is more reasonable to prefer a single certificate for encrypting the domain with an option of guaranteeing protection for an unlimited number of subdomains - such an SSL can be ordered at the specified address. We also invite you to familiarize yourself with the technical specifications and cost of available SSL Wildcard certificates.

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