Hosting Websites with .kz Domain is Prohibited Abroad

At the beginning of January 2010, an order was registered entitled "On Approval of New Rules for Registration and Use of Domain Resources in the Kazakhstani Segment of the Internet," which established Kazakhstan's modern policy regarding its own segment of the internet.

The Ministry of Communications and Information of Kazakhstan was the creator of this document.

The order was aimed at modernizing "Kaznet," that is, the Kazakhstani segment of the world network. The first part of the regulatory act states that some other orders that regulated the information sphere are no longer valid. The document provides for the development of server equipment, infrastructure providing internet access and storage of electronic information within the territory of the republic, as well as the development of modern information technologies.

Foreign Hosting

Analysts believe that the order mainly affected the procedure for registering new names with the Kazakhstani national domain. In particular, one of the order's clauses contains a list of reasons why a domain name registrar should refuse to register a name using the Kazakhstani domain. According to this list, a specialist has no right to register a site with a top-level .kz domain if the server equipment supporting the internet resource is located outside the republic.

It is worth noting that prior to the implementation of this order, a significant number of sites with the national domain were located on Russian resources, and some webmasters had hosting paid for several years in advance.

A specialist cannot register a .kz domain name for a website hosted on foreign servers. If during the resource check it turns out that foreign equipment is used to operate it, the registration will be suspended.

Registration Suspension

When the specialist freezes the registration, the registrant is notified by a special letter and must correct the reason for the suspension within ten days (this period can be extended by court decision). If the reasons are not eliminated within the prescribed period, the specialist cancels the domain name registration.

What happened to sites registered before the order was introduced?

A domain name is registered to a specific physical or legal entity for only a certain period of time, usually a year. Therefore, administrators of top-level national domain sites still transferred their resources under domestic equipment in order to successfully renew their registration.

Other reasons for suspending registration:

  • inaccurate data in the application is identified;
  • the registrant requests the suspension of the process;
  • by court decision.

Reasons for Instant Rejection of Registration

The registrar may also reject the application for domain name registration if:

  • the name is already registered;
  • the registration application contains incorrect data;
  • the name is prohibited by court decision.

In addition, a registered site may be blocked by competent authorities if materials contrary to the constitution of the republic repeatedly appear on this resource.

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