Recommendations for Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

Website Hosting. Recommendations.

We hope you already know what hosting is and why it is needed for a website. If not, be sure to read our article where it is explained in simple words: What is hosting and why is it needed?

In this article, we will tell you how to choose the right hosting service for your website. The choice of hosting and hosting panel depends on the platform on which the website is developed. If you are a novice in hosting issues, your website is most likely based on a CMS engine.

If you are just starting out and your budget is limited, and your website is built on WordPress, Joomla, MODx, OpenCart, Drupal, then virtual hosting is suitable for you. If you have an unlimited hosting budget, a high-traffic website, or you want to seriously promote your website on the Internet, we recommend using the rental of a VPS (virtual server) service, where you can configure hosting for maximum site loading speed (caching server, webp image format). 

For websites running on a paid 1C-Bitrix platform, we recommend using only VPS, since specialized hosting for 1C-Bitrix costs the same as VPS tariffs, but VPS tariffs offer you much more opportunities, space, and no resource restrictions. 

If you intend to promote your website on the Internet, if you have integrations with 1C, then only hosting based on VPS is suitable for you.

If your website is based on SubText, Umbraco, mojoPortal, DasBlog, DotNetNuke, AtomSite, then you need hosting on Windows. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with this issue.

Domain and Hosting. What's the difference

Choosing the domain and hosting for your website is an important task. The difference between a domain and hosting is that a domain is the website address (what is entered in the search bar), and hosting is the provision of space for the files of your website, the mechanism from which your website will work. Both of these components are equally necessary for your website to work on the Internet. 

SSD Hosting

ONEHOST.KZ hosting provider only works with SSD disks on all hosting servers. The distinctive feature of hosting on SSD is speed. Hosting on SSD disks is better than HDD disks by: 6-10 times (continuous reading and writing); 50-200 times (random access to data).

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