How to Bind a Domain to VPS?

To link your domain to the Virtual Private Server (VPS), you must register the domain.

If the domain is registered with us, check that the default name servers (NS records) in your personal account are set to and

Name servers

After that, go to the DNS Management - DNS Zone Editor section and add an A-record for the selected domain. 

When initially setting up the VPS, ONEHOST technical specialists must configure the initially selected domain to your VPS.

DNS management

DNS Zone Editor

You can view the IP address of your VPS on the Service page - [Your VPS].

Product management

If your domain is managed by another company, you can change the NS servers to ours and manage DNS records in the ONEHOST panel.

Alternatively, you can set an A-record for the domain to the IP address of your VPS, which you can also view on the Service page - [Your VPS].

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