Important Changes to the Rules of Registration and Use of Domain Names in the .KZ and .ҚАЗ Zones

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These changes affect all owners of websites and domains in .KZ and .ҚАЗ.

Since October 16, 2020, the new Order No. 354/NQ of the Minister of Digital Development, Innovations, and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan of September 28, 2020, has been in effect. The document confirmed new rules for registering, using and distributing domains in the internet space related to Kazakhstan.

Aside from many purely formal and relatively minor changes, attention should be paid to a couple of important points. Both of them expand the list of possible reasons for the suspension of a domain name:

A mandatory SSL certificate. The Order now clearly indicates that websites in the .KZ and .ҚАЗ zones must have an SSL certificate. It is possible to get a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt within the virtual hosting, regardless of the tariff.

The website must be hosted in Kazakhstan. The Order no longer leaves any doubt in the requirement that existed before: the website in the .KZ and .ҚАЗ zones must be programmatically and technically hosted on the territory of Kazakhstan.