GoGetSSL Multi-Domain SSL (Flex)

The GoGetSSL® Multi-Domain SSL certificate is a trusted SSL certificate that is already used by over 100,000 customers. It allows you to secure up to 250 SAN (Subject Alternative Name) elements, with 2 SAN elements and 1 domain included in the standard price. You no longer need to use multiple separate SSL certificates for each domain with different CSR (Certificate Signing Request) and private keys, as Multi-Domain SSL uses one CSR, one key, and requires only one IP address or SNI (Server Name Indication).
1 year: 9049 KZT
2 years: 15836 KZT
Order a certificate
Issuance as 5 minutes
With company verification
Without documents
www non-www
Dynamic printing
Mobile devices
Free licenses
Green bar
Free reissue
Guarantee 50,000$
SAN support Available for an additional fee
Accelerated verification with LEI Not required for this SSL
Domain validation methods Email / Hash file / DNS CNAME
Encryption methods SHA-2 and ECC
Multi-Domain SSL allows you to secure public IP addresses as SAN elements, making it an excellent option for hosting providers and internal projects. We offer unlimited free reissues, an unlimited free server license, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can modify or add more SAN elements to your Multi-Domain SSL throughout its entire validity period.

New FLEX Technology

FLEX Technology is an amazing option for products with the new FLEX feature, allowing you to secure standard single domains, subdomains, public IP addresses, and even wildcard domains simultaneously. Historically, there were separate certificates for multi-domains (SAN) and wildcard multi-domains, which didn't allow for different types of SAN elements. Now you can combine wildcard characters, IP addresses, and standard domains, paying different prices for each element.

Static Site Seal Logo Included with Each SSL Certificate

Every Multi-Domain SSL certificate comes with a green lock icon in the address bar. However, to gain more trust from end-users, we recommend uploading Site Seal logos with an attractive design to your most important pages. The logo is available in both dark and light themes in PNG format to match various designs.

The Most Affordable DV SSL Certificate

It will only take you five minutes to obtain an issued SSL certificate and begin the installation process on your devices/servers, once all the domains are verified using one of the available verification methods. There is no need to provide any documents or demonstrate company activity, as DV certificates allow certificates to be obtained for anyone.

UCC/SAN Option

The Multi-Domain SSL certificate supports up to 250 SAN elements, and each SAN element can handle either a base domain OR a subdomain. By default, SAN certificates do not provide protection for both the "www" and non-"www" versions of a domain, so you will need 2 SAN elements to protect both versions. By default, the cost includes one common name and 2 SAN elements. The Multi-Domain SSL certificate is compatible with MS Exchange servers.

Google SEO Booster

Google has decided to boost the rankings of all websites using active SSL certificates, which is great news for webmasters. Extended and business validation SSL certificates may further enhance the rankings, but this is not definitive information at the moment. Protect all your public projects and websites to help improve the rankings.

Supported Devices

It is important to use SSL certificates that have high compatibility with browsers. It is recommended to choose SSL certificates that are compatible with at least 99% of desktop and mobile devices. GoGetSSL multi-domain certificates provide support for 99.6% of devices.

Comparison of Multi-Domain Certificates

In our SSL store, we offer a wide range of 18 different multi-domain (SAN) SSL certificates issued by five different Certificate Authorities (CAs). We understand that choosing the right SSL certificate can be challenging and time-consuming. For your convenience, we provide a professional SSL certificate comparison tool that will help you make the right choice. If you have any questions, our sales managers are always ready to assist you.

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